Project Plan

                           The Overall Project Plan

For the successful operation of the enterprise, its construction and start-up require the following steps

1. Evaluation of the site and raw materials
2. Preparation of engineering documentation
3. Construction of the facility
4. Production and installation of equipment, testing
5. Recruitment and training

After the customer is determined with the production site and raw materials, the PRO WASTE engineering team. conducts an assessment.

1- Components of raw materials for determining the configuration of the equipment and its settings for a specific composition of MSW and its humidity

2-. Local delivery and disposal of garbage will be analyzed for the organization of a logistics scheme for joint activities.

3- The land plot will be assessed in terms of the total area, availability of suitable transport routes, and the possibility of connecting to the electrical network. All these data will then be used to determine the final plan of the enterprise.

Preparation of technical documentation

At this stage WASTE PLUS. assembles a team of technical specialists which includes builders, mechanics and thermo-engineers. Based on the information obtained during the assessment as well as their own visits to the location of the enterprise, this team will develop a detailed structural plan of the building and the configuration of the necessary equipment. The final design will be transferred to the customer for approval.Equipment manufacturing, installation, testingBased on the configuration of the enterprise, equipment manufacturers in Japan begin production of equipment, its subsequent assembly and testing. Each of the components will be tested prior to the immediate installation in the enterprise.Management and operational supportTo complete each of the phases listed above, the PRO WASTE team of specialists is headed by a project manager responsible for coordinating all components of the project, meeting deadlines and budget.Detailed information on the progress of the project manager receives from the chief engineer. Together with the WASTE PLUS team, he also participates in the installation of equipment at the plant, test start-up and training of personnel.

Execution of the project plan

Project development

• Analysis of raw materials and contracts for project financinghis supply 

• Primary agreements• Getting land 

• Project contract

• Conclusion of a sales contract

 • Management of riskselectricity

• Other expert agreements

• Permits and licenses

• Building plan

• PretreatmentAsset Filling

• Detailed engineering project

• Manufacture / purchase of equipment

• Construction of an enterpriseBusiness model implementationCreation of operational base

• Project operating organization

• Recruitment and training

• Putting the enterprise into operation and adjustment

• Operational management and support


The project of the enterprise can be created on the basis of a production volume of electricity of 6-18 MW or a volume of solid waste processing of 100 --- 300 tons per day. The final parameters are determined by customer requirements. Prices, project details, roles and responsibilities of the parties are stipulated in the agreement. Management and executive team are formed together for the timely implementation of all tasks set in the project.

If necessary, financing of the project can be carried out at the expense of debt obligations. This should be stipulated in advance, before signing the final agreement, since the availability of debt increases the cost of the project.