Destruction (Cold plasma)

Cold Plasma 

  • solid municipal waste;
  • "tails" - non-recyclable waste from waste processing plants;
  • Sludge treatment facilities long shelf life, silt deposits of treatment facilities;
  • residues of oil refining, sludge, sour tars, etc.;
  • waste from poultry farms, including mortality, melange;
  • various chemical components of organic origin;
  • medical waste, pharmaceutical industry waste;
  • waste from the production of chipboard, sawdust, bark, wood processing chips;
  • waste of textile enterprises, rubber.


The degree of processing of raw organic raw materials: More than 95% Dimensions:
Transport: - Length 6000 mm - Width 2200 mm - Height 2400 mm
Assembly: - Length 6000 mm - Width 2200 mm - Height 3000 mm + pipe 2000 mm Weight of the module assembly: - 5500 kg
Power Supply:
Voltage, V: 380 V ± 10%
Frequency, Hz: (50-60) Hz ± 2% Power consumption: 1.5 kW Performance:
Continuous operating time: 120 hours Capacity: 1200 kg/day
Power consumption: 0.65 kW Operators: 1 person / shift
Exhaust temperature, maximum: 265 ° C
Instantaneous temperature of the peak flow of chemical plasma transformation: 2,000 ° C or more
The degree of risk of waste to be processed: 2-4 Fuel: Carbon-containing waste

The technology does not require preliminary waste treatment;

The technology allows you to design technological systems without limiting performance;

Disposal takes place with the course of the plasma process, directly in the mass of waste at the junction of dissimilar materials without additional costs of electric energy to produce plasma;

The technology allows the processing of fecal and industrial effluents;

Environmentally friendly disposal of SMW is ensured. In flue gases, the CO2 content is not more than 2%, all other harmful gases are either absent or do not exceed the MPC. Additionally, flue gas contains oxygen - up to 20%;

There is completely no concentration of hazardous substances in air emissions exceeding the MPC (Maximum Permissible Concentration);

The relative simplicity of the design of the complex;

Short terms for the construction of the complex, installation of equipment (4 hours) and its adjustment;

Low cost and operating costs compared to other technologies; Low operational costs;

Details and equipment of a complex of domestic production;

The possibility of opening the production of complexes in the country of the "Customer" under the control of the manufacturer;