The unit is designed for continuous utilization of up to 500 kg / h of shredded tires and other rubber waste. As a result of processing, the following components are obtained:

- 50% of liquid fuel, with a flash point of at least 60oC;

- 35% carbon residue, with a fuel fraction content of not more than 1%


- residual combustible gas (hereinafter - pyrogas), which is burned in the furnace to heat the pyrolysis reactor.

The unit runs on pyrolysis, and a diesel burner is only needed to start.

Tire processing capacity, kg / h 500

Rubber fraction size, mm, no more than 50

The output of liquid pyrolysis fuel (45% -50% of tires), kg / h 200

The yield of carbon residue (35% of tires), kg / h 175

Work History